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I have drawn many cartoon maps. Cartoon maps should be fun and informative and concise.



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A cartoon map is an illustrated map of a certain place, be it a city, a country, ski resort or business showing the viewer what's going on, points of interest and how to navigate from one place to another.


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Walton Pier


Wlton Pier - cartoon map
Not a very exciting looking pier, just one big oblong
yellow building. So the job here was to make it look
exciting. So for this cartoon map I used some heavy
distortion of perspectives to make the half a mile long
pier look good, and obviously take the roof off to show
the “fun” inside.
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National park - New Zealand



National park New Zealand - cartoon map
This map was drawn for an Adventure company in
New Zealand. They did many activities in a massive
National park. So obviously could not take a photo of
such a massive area.
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Mammoth Mountain Ski resort



Mammoth Mountain ski resort Cartoon map
This cartoon map was commissioned by Mammoth
Mountain ski resort California to promote the ski area.
They made them in to big posters and gave them away
at ski shows.
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Hop Farm Theme Park



Hop Farm theme park cartoon map
An interesting commission this one. They wanted a map
drawn of their Christmas theme park - the only problem
being was that they had not built the place at the time of
commission but they wanted to advertise it from Easter
onwards. So with a brief brief, I just made it up.